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Nearly all people are dealing and living in the ego mind, this is the main cause of the suffering we go through.

What we want life to look like can feel so far away, and there are so many daily challenges that stop us from reaching the life we desire.

We are here to s-how you that there is a reason for this!

You can learn to see this very easily with some simple ad-just-ment-s.

Our real-i-ty is Matter (phi-cycle) and spirit (energy), but eyes/perception into the spirit need to be L-earned.

We have the most amazing ever expanding universe (awareness) which is to magnifi-cence.

It is a magnetic/dielectric interactive interface experience and the sign-if-i-can-ce is so profound…

There is just no man-u-al..


Most humans just don’t know how or where to start… they just know that this isn’t resonating.

The negative experiences that we’ve suffered, and often revisited during our lives become overwhelming. They limit our cap-abilities and lower how we see ourselves, and stifle the potential that we truly have to handle life.

What to Expect from The Virtuous X Life…

We’re going to completely demystify the Virtues with all of the ancient religious pointings and bring to light for you to use and show you how to be empowered moment to moment; free from Karma while the world revolves around you, not you around the world…

‘The Virtues’ is the real SECRET key and controls outcomes in everyday situations for your experience, it’s time to become the Master of your Reality.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why the Virtues is the Secret Key to making good things come to you easily.
  • The key things you need to do moment to moment to stay on this higher vibrational path.
  • Discover why Charity is the beginning of mastery in mind, spirit and consciousness.
  • Simple exercises you can do in every given circumstance to remove the ego mind programming.
  • A whole new perception showing you life is energy not matter.
  • How to see life align without any issue full of joy and inner peace.
  • What to do when you find yourself over thinking and in thinking-ness to bring you back to the power of the Mo-ment.
  • Easy practical exercises you can do to start dis-identifying with the Ego.
  • S-how you how your interactions with beings is truley dependant on your energy projection.
  • Bringing sol-u-t-ions to sol-ve every iss-ue known to man.

What You’ll Get with The Virtuous X Life …

The Virtuous X Life programme offers a complete, step-by-step progression on how to overcome our ego minds. From a place of having no idea where to begin, to developing a daily virtuous practice.

The course is broken down into 8 modules; an introduction and 7 key steps / virtues. Each module includes lesson content in both PDF and walk-through video format, with an exercise to take action on what you’ve learned, and a checklist to recap.

Welcome to The Virtues

We’ll start by clarifying what ‘The Virtues’ really mean, and begin to build a simple path to getting on the right track in your life.

Step 1 –Unlocking Charity to give is really to receive

In this first Step we’re going to show you that to give is to receive. You’ll learn how helping others selflessly without expectation of reward or return creates a free flowing exchange of love between you and source.

Step 2 – Why Chastity, is the freedom connecting you to the divine essence within

Having and acting on Chastity opens the doors to progress, if our decisions agree with what we know in our hearts to be true we flow and grow. We can choose to progress or regress the choice is ours, learn how to navigate this process.

Step 3 – How Purity of Mind keeps you connected to the higher field

Now that you have a grasp on the concept of the virtues, and that life supports us when we stay true to them we will ask you to practice non thinkingness, let them – thoughts come and go, learn how nothing matters but the here and now. We show you how to perfect the art of being the watcher and see how the abundance frequency is drawn in to how you direct your love.

Step 4 – Why Diligence is the Key to Success

In step 4 we’ll talk about how acting diligently defines reciprocating energies to complete a t-ask to move you forward without friction. If we act virtuously and do what is needed we live the highest one can. We are given access to the next stage. Diligence is taking the act-ion you need to do what is needed for your highest outcome in any given situation.

Step 5 – Patience as a Life Practice

In step five we will go deep into the subject of patience and how to hone your skills. Patience is a life practice, and we’ll show you how to observe life and how the world will align for you, you will find that everything is happening for you, we just need to put our efforts to observe and correct ourself trying to remain present. Lights will turn green, traffic will slow responding to our energy flow.

Step 6 – Why Kindness is King

Step six is where we innerstand that Kindness connects us to all hearts, it creates ripples through the Earth, everything we do creates an equal balance based on the energy, frequency and vibration that we carry and give out. So what we do say and feel/intend/project effects not only our own life but the whole UNIVERSE one big living organism.

Step 7- Why humility is our greatest teacher. The virtue of humility can be interpreted as the “surrender” to God.

A re-cognition of the self, that God is in you as you yourself and the surrender to the won-ness that is source. This will lead to ultimate freedom of being, with liber-at-ion from ego, it comes a from a purification process in mastering these virtues that is the most high..

Aloise Surfleet-Middleton, Josh X, Michelle – The Virtuous X Life

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