We Trade Waves Course

Are you a serious trader who wants to learn how to trade correctly and wants to become a Successful Trader?

Then you are at the right place…

By following our YouTube channel or if you are subscribing to our In-Depth analysis service, you would only be able to see the direction of the market and as all of you know, there are many theories out there which might work for some and might not work for others but in this business you need consistency to make money. We are not criticising any trading systems they are all good but some are complex and others are incomplete that’s why most traders give up whilst trying to learn these trading systems

After experimenting most of these theories over the past 10+ years, we came to the conclusion that not a single system is powerful enough to make you a consistent profitable trader so we have created our own unique system which is a combination of Wave Analysis, Elliott wave theory, Price Action, Market structure, Order blocks, Levels and our finding

Now, in order to learn and master trading and “We Trade Waves” concept, you need coaching and adequate mentors to guide you all along

What Did We Do For That?

We have formulated special trading courses i.e. March 2021 Course, Masterclass June 2021 Course & Masterclass November 2021 Course including our unique strategies which gives you an edge in the market and helps you become an independent successful trader if you have passion for it

For the past 3 years, we have been providing our courses and have succeeded to help traders from more than 109 Countries to become successful, don’t take our words for it, Take Theirs

WTW Masterclass Course

  1. Introduction to Wave Analysis – Video
  2. Trends, Fibs & Indicators – Video
  3. Patterns (Impulsive Patterns) – Video
  4. Patterns (Corrective and WTW Patterns) – Video
  5. Significance of fundamentals on Waves & Structures – Video
  6. Order blocks, Price levels & Trade timings – Video
  7. Psychology – Why is it so important? – Video
  8. WTW Strategy 1, Risk Mgt, Money Mgt & Trade Mgt – Video
  9. WTW Strategy 2 & 3 and overall concept In action – LIVE
  10. Two live sessions with Alain & Tee – LIVE
  11. Access to previous courses recordings once you complete June-21 course
  12. Lifetime access to our private Slack group
  13. Access to all the upcoming courses
  14. Access to 200+ Forex Trading Tips
  15. Free 1-2-1 sessions as and when needed
  16. Access to our 24/7 Trading Room
  17. Access to all the upcoming Q&A LIVE sessions
  18. Live practical interactive group sessions
  19. Free access to our In-Depth weekly analysis service
  20. Certification from We Trade Waves for Masterclass course

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