Adam Armstrong – How To Last Longer in Bed

Your mind-set is the most important thing to work on if you want to LAST LONGER in bed. Specifically, your mind-set should be empowering, not disempowering. In other words, your mind-set should help you to achieve your goal (lasting longer). It should not hold you back and sabotage your success

Understanding FOCUS is incredibly important because quite simply –what you regularly focus on, will become your reality. So if you focus on becoming a great lover who can always last long enough to have satisfying sex –that will become your reality

In the bedroom, the best lovers focus first and foremost on giving their women incredible SEXUAL PLEASURE

Average guys tend to focus on lasting longer and this issue of ‘how long they can last’ ends up taking over the entire sex act, meaning they forget to focus on their women

Constantly worrying about ‘blowing your load’ too soon is a dead end street that leads to a vicious circle of events where you think about ‘blowing too soon’ and it happens, then you think about it, then it happens and so on

The first step you should take to in your quest to last longer is to gain control of your sexual focus. Don’t allow yourself to dwell on the fact that you currently don’t have as much staying power as you’d like. Instead, acknowledge the problem exists and then commit to the belief that you are going to solve it no matter what

A great technique for lasting longer is to do as the great lovers do and focus a bit more on your woman’s pleasure and a little less on your own. This has 3 benefits:

  • You’ll satisfy your woman and her sex-drive will more than likely increase as a result –meaning you’ll get more sex
  • By not focusing on yourself as much, you’ll notice that your pleasure builds more slowly and this will help you to LAST LONGER
  • Your sexual confidence will improve as a result of pleasing your woman and lasting longer

Many men view sex as if it is a race to get to their orgasm and this naturally causes them to come sooner than they’d like. To last longer, start to enjoy every second of every sexual interaction you share with your woman, safe in the knowledge that your orgasm will still arrive, just a little later than usual

Visualization is a powerful tool that you can use to last longer. Simply spend a few minutes every day visualizing yourself having great sex and lasting as long as you’d like. Elite performers in all fields use visualization to constantly improve themselves. You can do the same with your sexual performances

You don’t need to last 2 or 3 hours to satisfy your woman and no matter how good you get, you will occasionally more than likely still ‘blow your load’ too soon. As long as you are cool about it –your woman will be too
The average couple have intercourse for 7 minutes. However, using the techniques in the How To Last Longer In Bed program, you should be able to easily last 25 to 30 minutes every time you have sex.

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