Akshay Hallur – Bloggingx Automation System

Hey, I’m your mentor

Akshay Hallur - Bloggingx Automation System

I’m Akshay, the founder of BloggingX, InfoSparkle, and many other online ventures.

Back in 2015, I dropped out of university to pursue my passion – blogging.

With over 7 years of experience, I have built, grown, and even sold multiple websites.

As of now, I have 2 main authority websites. One is BloggingX (earning 6-figure income in dollars) and another soon to hit the 6-figure mark. Both of my websites in total get nearly 2-million pageviews yearly.

I have worked with multiple startups and companies like SEMrush, Brainstorm Force, Thrive Themes, to scale their sales via strategic content marketing.

BloggingX Automation System

BloggingX Automation System is a proven course to automate and 5x your content publishing game. It helps you make use of AI to speed up your content writing process and puts requiring writing skills out of the equation.

It dramatically improves your success rate when creating new pieces of content while boosting productivity.

If you are on this page, you are lucky because you have the foresight to see that all businesses need AI in this competitive landscape. Think about it

Why BloggingX Automation System?

  • Created by a practitioner who’s earning 6-figure income per year (in dollars) consistently.
  • Over 17+ in-depth video lessons that are easy to understand.
  • Full transparency (strategies and examples) – With over-the-shoulder guidance.

This is not for you if:

  • You don’t know the importance of borrowing proven systems, processes, and experience while running a business.
  • You believe in shortcuts, get-rich-quick schemes, and treat online world as a casino.
  • You know that you fail to implement what I teach and just want intellectual entertainment.

What Will You Learn?

Module 1: Primer

In this module, you’ll be learning the basics GPT-3, psychology of content AI, various AI content writing tools, and I will be priming you for the rest of the course!

Module 2: Prompt Design (inputs)

You’ll be learning techniques to get the right content generated out of the AI at the right time by tapping its most-relevant neurons with strategic prompt design.

Module 3: Research

You’ll be learning how to research blog posts to write about by making use of effective SEO tools.

Module 4: Creation

You’ll learn how to outline blog posts that are AI-friendly and strategically augment with the AI to write blog posts like a ninja!

Module 5: Editing

You’ll be learning some really easy AI-driven content editing strategies to cut your editing and proofreading time by at least half.

Fire your content editor. Yep, completely.

Module 6: Publishing

I’ll be presenting you the most effective publishing workflow I know of, when it comes to scaling up content publishing.

Module 7: What’s next?

The recap of what you’ve learnt and some guidelines how to go forward with this knowledge you’ve got.

Frequently Answered Questions

Do I get access to any AI content writing software?

No. This is a training course. You need to be using a good long form GPT-3 content writing tool like Jarvis, Frase AI, PepperType.

The tool that we recommend are Jarvis and Frase (new users). If you buy any of these tools two through the above links, you may be eligible to get course for free.

What software will be used in this course?

We have made use of Jarvis when explaining how to write articles with the help of AI in this course. Needless to say you can implement the same principles with any of the other AI content writing tools. It’s all about understanding the psychology and the working of AI algorithm

Will Google rank AI written content

Content created by AI won’t be deciphered by Google. It can do much better things with its computing power even if it has the technology. If your audience is spending longer on your site and the user intent is met, whether your content is AI generated or not doesn’t matter. For Google, priority is users.

Akshay Hallur – Bloggingx Automation System

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