The Ultimate Past Life Regression Experience in Your Own Home
“Mypastlife” is essentially TWO beautifully produced audio recordings that will give you an absolutely genuine Past Life Regression… any time you choose, in the comfort and security of your own home.
You can play them direct from your computer, transfer them to your ipod or mp3 player, or use any standard CD player.
You just make yourself comfortable, slide on the headphones and prepare for a journey that could take you to any place… and any time.

The first recording is a Fully Guided Past Life Regression.
Past Life Regression PersonI lead you all the way into a relaxed state of consciousness, through the Past Life Experience and back again at the end.
There are questions along the way to help you gather more information; ‘signposts’ to trigger deeper experiences and prompts to help you shift scenes and locations with ease.
There are suggestions of well being included and instructions to your unconscious to only bring about beneficial experiences for you, and for those experiences to have some meaning or relevance to your life nowadays as well.
The whole experience lasts about 40 minutes and you will usually feel calm, relaxed and completely in control throughout.
Anytime you wish you can open your eyes and break away – but most people find it such a fascinating and enjoyable experience they have no desire to interrupt it at all and are usually trying to make it last longer instead!

The second recording is an Open or Advanced Past Life Regression.
The beginning is similar to the first recording, but once I’ve taken you back to the Past Life experience, you are then left free to explore as you wish.
I gently guide you back after a designated period of time, but for most of it you have hold of the reigns completely…
This is extremely useful for exploring the same lifetime again and again to gather more information, without having to follow the same guided path you are used to from the Fully Guided Version.
The two regression recordings are available as both a DOWNLOAD and CD Version.
The downloads are available instantly, giving you a Past Life Regression in just a few moments if you wish – even if it is the middle of the night.
The CD will usually be mailed off to you within 24 hrs.

You also receive TWO FREE Past Life Regression E-Book Manuals as well.
These can be read instantly online, or downloaded for later use.
They are full of background information, useful instructions and tips on how to get the best out of each regression experience, as well as guidelines on how to make a difference to your life nowadays too.
The Mypastlife program package really does have everything you need to begin uncovering the secrets of your own Past lives, in a simple, easy to use format with comprehensive advice and instructions throughout.
The quality of the recordings is superb and you have free technical and personal support throughout.
And with the genuine 100% guarantee, you can try it out as many times as you like, completely risk-free.
Peace of mind before you order, after you order and beyond.

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