Arnab Ghosh – Mental Math Mastery-Super Speed Quick Math Tricks|Vedic Math

What you’ll learn

  • Start loving math and numbers
  • Visible improvement in calculation speed
  • Perform better in exams and everyday calculation
  • Confidence to do mathematical calculation without calculator


  • Be able to do basic mathematical operation(addition, subtraction,division,multiplication).
  • Multiplication table upto 9 will be helpful but not essential.
  • Ready to learn new techniques and practice!!


Why This Course ?

  • This course is a comprehensive, methodical, step by step guide for super speed mental math calculation. More than 5 hours of video contents covers tips and tricks of faster mental math calculation using ancient Vedic math techniques and modern day advanced calculation methods. Mental math mastery course covers Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Square, Square root, Cube, Cube root , Finding calendar days etc. All the topics has been discussed in detail from beginner level to advanced level in mental math mastery course.
  • Numbers are everywhere. Practicing mental math calculation will help us in competitive exam and everyday life. It will help building a better memory and faster processing of data.
  • With practice of super speed calculation skill it will help you to replace calculator in everyday calculations
  • New content is updated regularly to keep the Mental math mastery course up to date and relevant. The mental math,vedic math course is designed to optimize your learning experience hence quiz, assignments are included to provide you maximum value out of the course.
  • Each module contains quiz to consolidate your learning.
  • The mental math course combines ancient Vedic math and modern day advanced methods in a easily understandable format for maximum benefit. The super speed calculation method will help you to perform quick math calculation, it will help you to improve your calculation speed- boost your memory and confidence.
  • The mental math course is updated on 6th July,2020 with an Addition of 7 new practice booklet for each sections.

What will you learn ?

  • This course contains techniques to do super fast arithmetical calculations
  • It will help building your confidence to do calculation without calculator
  • It includes the following topics: Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Square, Square root, Cube, Cube root etc.
  • It includes ancient Vedic mathematics to modern day calculation short cut techniques
  • after completing the course and proper practice, you will be able to solve the following types of problem with super fast speed
  • a) 8679845 X 9999999
  • b) 462 X 354
  • c) 65782 / 524 =?
  • d) 7698457 / 4525 =?
  • e) 8941537656 / 3457823415 = ?
  • f) Find the square of 992
  • g)Find the square root of 7396
  • h)Find the cube of 76
  • i) Find the cube root of 80457
  • Finding the calendar days of any calendar date between 1800 to 2199 ( 400 years !!)

And many more similar big arithmetic calculations.

What students are saying:

It is really encouraging to see that students are really enjoying and benefiting from the course.

It was hard to find a good mental math course, but this one has worked out great for me! Looking forward to finishing it!”Keith Hayden

“it was really helping and interesting” —-Nayana Sharad Shelke

“Good course, nice tips and nice teacher. Thanks for sharing your knowledge”Zea Rua

“Really loving this course! I am halfway through right now and with practice noticing my brain getting sharper and my calculation time dropping. And my time is dropping because of the techniques shown – not just because I am practicing more. I am really glad I got this course. Kudos to the instructor!Hope together we will create a wonderful learning experience. I’ll be available to answer your queries and provide require information to make your experience best ever possible.”Gaurav Srivastava

“Teaches you a different way of looking at problems”Steven Hampton

Don’t Join the course

If you still believe it is a magic and excellence can be achieved without putting hard work and practice !! If you are ready to put your best effort and practice along with the course material, this is an ideal course for you.

Enroll Now as this is one of the best gift you can give to yourself today as tomorrow may be too late. Start early to master the techniques. Click on the buy now option to buy the course. See you in the course. Wish you a wonderful learning time ahead!

Who this course is for:

  • Student,Teacher , parent or math enthusiast who wants to improve their calculation skill.

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