Chalene Johnson – Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite

If you are looking for a workout that will lose fat and help you create an attractive figure, then you have just found what you were looking for – Shalin’s new kickboxing program. You will practice with successful music, selected in such a way that it is impossible to resist, you will see how fat melts right before your eyes with the help of Turbo Jam. So work out with Shalin and enjoy your new body. There are 5 workouts in this program:

  1. Fat Blaster – a half hour workout that is ideal for losing weight quickly. If you follow this quick interval workout, you will soon notice how fat disappears and your body is toned and slender.
  2. 3T – 35-minute workout that will help keep your arms and hips in good shape; it contains innovative exercises for shaping a toned, attractive body from head to toe.
  3. Cardio Party Mix 3 – 50-minute workout with kickboxing elements and exercises to form a slim figure with perfectly matched workout music. Do this workout to burn calories and build your abs.
  4. Lower Body Jam – half an hour workout that will help shape beautiful hips and buttocks. This workout will give you the lower body you’ve dreamed of.
  5. Cardio Party Mix 2 – 45 minute workout for those who love to dance. In 45 minutes of the best dance moves to great music, you will burn calories and lose fat.

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