Chris Do – Logo Design & Construction

Logo construction is one of the pillars of good design.

A logo is visual shorthand for a brand. Every company needs a logo that will help define their brand and every designer needs to have the ability to deliver one.

A great logo is clean, well drawn, optically balanced, scales well, distinct, carefully researched and will withstand the test of time. Allow Chris to share his 23+ years in the business with you as he digs into the details of each type of logo, so you can gain an in-depth understanding of this fundamental skill from research to completion.

We will take you through six modules: Lettermarks and Monograms, Monoline, Word Mark, Symbols/Icons, Combinations Marks and Emblems/Crests, learning their individual features and watching Chris, Emily, and Molly create from scratch

We help you get there with a systematic curriculum and in-depth training.

  • Course – Watch entertaining and informative lectures—a comprehensive guide from defining keywords thru building beautiful presentation mock-ups.
  • Practice – Complete the 7-week self-study and homework assignments.
  • Reading – Supplement your education with our list of recommended sources.
  • Library – Get instant access to our downloadable file archive and other exclusive materials.

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