Create your resume for IT

Create your resume for ITWith or without experience you can create a resume that will catch the attention of recruiters


  • Will to get a job or will to change for a better job


About the course

IT has a very competitive market. Hundreds of job openings shows up every day, but when a good opportunity appears, dozens of candidates apply to it. The difference between being called for an interview or not, can be your resume.

Creating a resume is not a simple task, experts say a recruiter takes an average of 6 to 8 seconds to check a resume and decide whether to discard it or select it. No wonder this happens, a good job may receive hundreds of resumes.

Due to the large number of candidates, minor mistakes in the resume can make a recruiter discard it even if the candidate has a great experience.

At the end of this course, through tips and examples of how to fill out each section, you will be ready to create a good curriculum for IT.

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals with or without experience
  • Analysts, software developers, architects, managers.
  • Anyone who works or wants to move to the IT area
  • Professionals from other areas can get tips about how to improve the organization and how to optimize some sessions that are common to the resumes.

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