E-go Driven – Self-Sufficiency – 21 Days Program (The Bundle, Program + Book)

  • The root causes of ALL your problems
  • Ways to bury your old self, once and for all.
  • What’s holding you back and how to reach your ideal self – while having nobody to thank but YOURSELF.

This program works by making YOU hold the surgeon’s scalpel and cut out all your problems yourself – because you know best where they are.

“What do I really get?”


  • Reach complete self-sufficiency socially, emotionally and spiritually. You will never need anyone or anything ever again (including the author of this program)
  • Develop unmatchable confidence in every situation and social interaction (based on a simple and instantaneous mental switch)
  • Learn 6 Rules of Social Interaction that will get you what you want out of any conversation – without wasting your time, energy or looking/sounding like an asshole
  • Become emotionally independent from what others think (or not think) about you – you will no longer torment yourself worrying about peoples opinions of you
  • Alter your negative traits into the ones you always wanted to have – through a systematic, straightforward process (and with nothing more than a simple notebook)
  • Say “no” without feeling bad about it and receive “no” without letting it affect your feeling of self-worth
  • Know how to be completely independent of anyone and yet make them love you for it (with zero effort on your part)
  • Know how to stay unaffected by the whims of the most nerve-wracking people (including toxic family members)
  • Ditch whatever neediness you have – whether it’s for social approval, interaction or even a well-deserved applause
  • Take control over your social media usage and make sure it’s always benefiting YOU (rather than Susy & Billy you didn’t meet since 4th grade)
  • Develop new positive emotional reactions to whatever is now making you feel stressed, anxious or out of place
  • Start meditating in a way that is FUELING you instead of putting you to sleep (no more pointless time-wasting sessions)
  • Spend your time alone happily, productively and without the depressive urge to be accompanied by other people
  • Use the 3 Step Introspective Process that puts you at the steer of your emotions and helps you identify the root cause of your problems (ideal for those who overthink too much and get nothing out of it)
  • Learn how to befriend anyone – whether it’s a 10/10 blonde, a guy making 10x more money than you… or a milkman

E-go Driven – Self-Sufficiency – 21 Days Program (The Bundle, Program + Book)

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