Emily Utter – The Freedom Series, Freedom in Business as a Way of Life

Introducing, The Freedom Series:

Hey there badass with a great ass 😉. I’ve got something new for you.

It’s a soulful creation channeled from my time in Tulum, Mexico, that speaks to my core value, and the reason I started my company- FREEDOM.

While the state of the world has certainly slowed down the adventurous side for many of us, there are still ways to make life + business feel like freedom on a daily basis.

After all… Freedom isn’t meant to be experienced just when we’re on vacation, traveling, or just wrapped a launch.

It’s meant to be woven into everything we do, and that’s what this three day series is about.


The Freedom Series.

A three day series to explore my favorite Three Pillars of Freedom:

Time Freedom. Freedom of Expression. & Financial Freedom.


In need of a little time re-organization to reintroduce SPACE into your life + business?

On Day 1 of The Freedom Series, I’ll share my secrets for daily spaciousness, leveraging time, and creating + selling programs that earn you way more money, in way less effort.

We’ll explore how you can intentionally shift your business model to have more time and space, without losing any income or clients.


Our full self-expression is the key to emotional freedom AND quantum leaps in wealth. (often easier said than done!)

On Day 2 of The Freedom Series, we’ll explore where + why you still self-censor, start to release existing blocks to FULL visibility, and I’ll share practical things you can do NOW, to show up more fully self-expressed and magnetic to your ideal clients online. (It’s way easier than you think!


On Day 3 of The Freedom Series, I’ll weave everything together, and share specifically HOW you can energetically and actionably apply these freedom-based strategies and mindsets to your business to create time-leveraged, financial freedom.

I will take you behind the scenes on how I created a business that is completely time + money leveraged, and how you can do the same.

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