Eric Edmeades – 7 Days To Breaking Up With Sugar

You Will Learn:

  • How to Get in The Best Shape of your life
    Healthy weight change is inevitable when you stop consuming sugar. Your body will go back to its natural, most optimized state.
  • How to Stop Cravings and Eat Better
    Your body won’t go into hungry mode even if you have just eaten so you can finally balance calories and kick cravings.
  • How to Elevate Your Overall Health
    Always feel uplifted. Improve your health, body and life.
  • How to be Fully Conscious About What You Eat
    Be informed on the facts about sugar so you can eat right and transform your health dramatically.
  • How to Boost Your Immunity
    Reduce your sugar consumption and increase the strength of your immune system. Break up with sugar.

The Curriculum

You will learn how to break your dependency with sugar in just 7 days. The Warm Up episode starts with an overview on the Quest and how ending your relationship with sugar will transform your health & fitness dramatically.

Starting from Day 1, you’ll begin on the path of getting in touch with your eating habits and why you crave eating food even when you’re not really hungry. Each day up to Day 7, you will go deeper and ultimately start living your own sugar-free life.

  • DAY 1: Creating A New Relationship With Sugar
    Why do we get hungry? Discover how your emotions influence your food decisions and learn how to consciously make your own eating decisions.
  • DAY 2: Take The Morning Challenge
    Eric will be guiding you through the healthier way to incorporate sugar in your diet. Hint: it’s completely natural and you’ll be doing it on an empty stomach.
  • DAY 3: Experience The Break Up with Sugar
    Today’s the day to resign from all products that contain refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. Your awareness of added sugars in food enhances as you thoroughly check the Ingredients Lists. There are so many different names which food labels use to disguise sugar. Find out more in this lesson.
  • DAY 4: Changing Your Internal Dialogue On Sugar
    In this lesson, Eric shares some insights on the internal dialogue you might be having when considering sugary foods, and the experience of living a sugar-free life.
  • DAY 5: Your Sugar “Independence Day”
    Eric announces your Sugar “Independence Day”. This will be a pivotal moment and first step into a lifetime of elevated health & fitness. Your sensitivity to sugar will be changing dramatically, such that you no longer enjoy sugary products the way you used to whether that be the ability to appreciate darker chocolate or consume black coffee.
  • DAY 6: A Sugar-Free Life Made Easy
    A sugar-free life doesn’t have to be hard – if we have the right strategy. Today, you become acutely aware of the tricks your Sugar Devil will use to convince you to cave into your sugary cravings. Once you identify them, you’ll search for alternatives and in turn break the eating patterns you once had.
  • DAY 7: Silencing Sugar Cravings Forever
    It’s the final day of the Quest! By now, you have taken control over your temptations. You feel empowered and determined to not input sugar into your body. Your new, healthier lifestyle has just begun.

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