Darryl Robert Schoon – How To Survive The Crisis And Prosper In The Process


The largest economic downturn in history has begun

It will be a time of great hardship
It also will be a time of opportunity

Most will be unprepared

My name is Darryl Robert Schoon and on March 1, 2007, I delivered a 148 page paper on the US and global economy to the Positive Deviant Network, www.posdev.net, a group of unorthodox thinkers assembled by Marshall Thurber.

I predicted:

  • Housing prices would fall 40-70%
  • Stocks would fall 70-90%
  • The world was facing another Great Depression
  • Most would be unprepared for the coming economic collapse

I explained:

  • Why the US dollar and all currencies would lose most of their value
  • Why central banks “manage” gold prices to protect their paper currencies
  • Why gold prices are rising and will continue to rise despite government and central bank intervention

The initial reaction of the Positive Deviant Network to my report was shock and disbelief. In March 2007 the stock market was still headed higher and the possibility of a severe economic crisis seemed out of the question. Many members of the Positive Deviant Network were wealthy (membership in the PDN is $5,000 a year) and the majority did not take kindly to my then apparently far fetched conclusions.

Why I wrote How To Survive The Crisis And Prosper In The Process

description” In the 1990s, when I began my research on the Great Depression I didn’t understand financial complexities. I didn’t understand why economic forces were about to bring down the US and world economies. Now, I do.

At the time, I never expected to write a book on the economy. My interest was personal, driven by a desire to understand issues and complexities that affected our world that I didn’t understand. My membership in The Positive Deviant Network changed all that.

The Positive Deviant Network (the PDN) had been assembled by Marshall Thurber, my friend from law school. Marshall had gone on to become a leading innovator and teacher. He was a friend of Buckminster Fuller and an associate of Edwards Deming, the “father of quality” who transformed Japan into an industrial power. Among Marshall’s early students were Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Tony Robbins.

Marshall believes radical innovations and solutions are rarely found by mainstream thinkers, that such ideas and solutions appear first on the edges of society among “positive-deviants”. In October 2005, Marshall convened The Positive Deviant Network, his experiment to bring positive-deviants together in a collaborative setting.

In attendance were Dr. James Hardt, the foremost neuroscientist and researcher on the effect of brain waves on human consciousness, and Dr. Cherie Clark whose prison training programs have significantly reduced prison recidivism rates in New York, saving the state of New York over $1 billion and countless lives for society. My wife, Martha, and I were invited to join and attended that initial meeting

Another member of the Positive Deviant Network, John Botti, also had deep concerns about the US economy. Former head of a successful multi-billion dollar hedge fund in London, Credit Magazine had named John to its Hall of Fame Top 50 bond traders and I knew my analysis had to be worthy of John’s attention.

My thoughts ultimately took the form of a 148 page white paper analyzing the coming economic crisis which I presented to the Positive Deviant Network on March 1, 2007. The reception to my report was controversial. Many in the group objected to my conclusions and my predictions of a severe economic crisis.

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