Ifthaker – Amazon Affiliate SEO Masterclass

Ifthaker – Amazon Affiliate SEO Masterclass

Do you know amazon pays you $$ for selling their products? It’s called Amazon Affiliate. We have been working on Amazon affiliate SEO since 2017 bringing around 1 Million USD in sales commission. We have worked with hundreds of clients around the world bringing 6 figure affiliate commissions per year for our clients.

After the success of the Adsense arbitrage course, we are bringing Amazon affiliate SEO for 2022. In this course we will teach you how to penetrate the high competition product placement in Google and various search engine, build backlinks, getting recommended by top-tier blogging websites, and create a passive income stream source for your portfolio.

In this course, our lessons are mainly focused on product placement optimization. This course not only teaches you about SEO but also teaches how to build an income source that is reliable, effective, and can perform for the long term.

Course Content

  • Introduction Amazon Affiliate SEO masterclass
  • Lesson 1 Niche/Market research
  • Lesson 2 Long tail keyword research
  • Lesson 3 Keyword difficulty research and Competition analysis
  • Lesson 4 Building backlinks
  • Lesson 5 alternate search engine indexing
  • Lesson 6 integrating dynamic product schema
  • Lesson 7 On-page SEO/ Content optimization
  • Lesson 8 Google search console data analysis
  • Lesson 9 Blackhat linkbuilding Guide
  • Lesson 10 A.I translation integration Blackhat Method
  • Conclusion


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