Ifthaker – Upwork Freelancer Masterclass

Ifthaker – Upwork Freelancer Masterclass

Are you currently trying to build your career in Upwork? You are keep bidding proposals but can’t get a response from the clients?

After years of working in freelnacer.com and Upwork, making more than 1 Million USD we are bringing the “Upwork freelancer masterclass” the most detailed video course on Upwork freelancing projects. We are going to help you on how to write the perfect cover letter or proposal that has a high conversion rate. Also going to show you how to make money even after completing the project. Show you how to properly talk with a client and close the deal.

How to protect yourself from scammers, also how to build a strong relationship for a long term clients.

Bonus videos: Interview with top freelancers in Upwork who are making $10,000 per month

Course Content:

  • Introduction: Upwork Freelancer Masterclass
  • Lesson 1: Profile Picture Hack to get 50% more visibility
  • Lesson 2: Changing Locations to get high paying jobs
  • Lesson 3: Building Profile Overview
  • Lesson 4: Build high paying skillsets
  • Lesson 5: Hack to get 100% Job success rate
  • Lesson 6: Cover letter Hack to get 90% Response Rate
  • Lesson 7: Fixed price vs Hourly rate
  • Lesson 8: Milestone based project: Protect yourself from scam
  • Lesson 9: Post Project Support: Create a cashflow from old clients
  • Lesson 10: Customer Satisfaction for long term clients
  • Lesson 11: How much money you need to charge
  • Bonus lesson: The psychology of Value and Closing the deal


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