Jon Sinn – Escaping The Friend Zone

Voted #1 Pick-up Artist in the World by TSB Magazine.

I teach a no bullshit, practical approach to meeting & seducing the women you want.

Everyone knows that the friend zone is the most painful place to be. This program Escaping The Friend Zone is going to reveal to you the biggest key to getting out of the friend zone and into a relationship with the awesome women you are dreaming of…

Table of Contents

  • Clearing the obstacles and making it runs in her mind that you are the only guy for her
  • Planning your escape, sizing up the situation, and framing yourself as more than a friend
  • How to avoid the friend zone and ensure you will not step into it in the future with women you like
  • Flirting tips and using hot and cold interaction to break the friendship and get into the romantic relationship

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