Joshua Lisec – The Best Way to Say It: How to Write Anything From Blogs to Books with Epic Persuasion

The Best Way to Say It is a proven, repeatable system anyone can use to go from content chaos to clear, compelling writing that influences people to act without them realizing it.

Finally, a way to unleash your genius say what you mean and write anything right the first time with maximal persuasion even if you’re NOT a professional editor, a “6-figure” copywriter, you just hate writing, or English isn’t your first language.

Plump, Juicy Fact #1: It’s one thing to write something without typos.

It’s another thing to write something that gets people to act.

To read. To click. To subscribe. To buy.

When most people sit down to write an article, a blog, an email, a chapter, a social media post, or a script, what do they do?

They stare at the screen, hope “the muse” finds them, and violently probe their mind for ideas.

Doesn’t work out.

Whatever ends up on the page is not what you really want to say, and it might even be unpublishable.

You have great ideas, but the words aren’t there.

So if you’re sick ‘n tired of talking but no one’s taking action,

Pouring your heart, soul, and clout into content that falls flat,

And doing all this work yet no one’s responding,

Then I have good news.

Plump, Juicy Fact #2: Persuasive writing is a system.

It’s not a skill.

It’s not gut instinct.

And it’s not inspiration or luck.

If you could easily learn this step-by-step system and become a persuasion maestro of the written word so you hook readers from the first line, make your ideas just “click,” and motivate people to take swift, decisive, profitable action . . .

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