Kelby Training – Shooting Fashion Models On – Location

Fashion photographer Frank Doorhof takes viewers on location with two models to create this photo shoot for Kelby Training. During the videos, Frank talks about why he tries to shoot tethered all the time, the importance of using a color checker, how he directs his models, and how he controls lighting adjustments through the camera and the strobe.

During the shoots, Doorhof talks about how he adjusts his lighting setups and camera settings. He also discusses the importance of changing perspective, how to use strobes and flashes to achieve high contrast effects, a white balance trick for colorizing your images, and how to use scrims and flags to eliminate lens flare. Photographing moving subjects can yield some exciting and dynamic images so follow along with this Kelby Training course and learn how it is done.


  1. Location Scouting and Gear 7:53
  2. Male Model in Sunlight 5:11
  3. Female Model in Sunlight with Strobes 5:47
  4. Golden Gown in Alleyway 5:43
  5. Positioning the Model and the Light 11:34
  6. High Contrast Look 7:54
  7. Always Shoot Tethered 10:37
  8. Single Light Indoors 8:23
  9. Multiple Lights on a Sofa 6:24
  10. Final Shot 2:24
  11. Conclusion 1:12

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