Master the 5 Key Elements of Story

Master the 5 Key Elements of StoryUnderstand what makes a story so you can make your story great.


  • You’ll get more from the class if you have a draft of a story you can work with, but none is required.


Writers of story-driven fiction or memoir often pay too much attention to crafting beautiful sentences. It’s not that poetic lines aren’t appealing, but story is way more important. Can you think of any very successful novels that were horribly “written”? Their success came from their storytelling.

This short course provides an introduction to the key elements necessary for every story and for every scene in your story. If you want to craft stories that have momentum, that readers cannot set down, you need to understand what a story really is. Ensuing courses in my Momentum series go into much more depth, but this course is the foundation.

Who this course is for:

Both beginning and seasoned storytellers can benefit from a deeper understanding of story.

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