MasterClass – Aaron Franklin Teaches Texas-Style BBQ

Once a backyard hobbyist, Aaron Franklin is now the James Beard Award-winning owner of Franklin Barbecue, where the line for his famous smoked brisket is hours long. Now the Central Texas barbecue specialist teaches you his meticulous low and slow process for mouth-watering ribs, pork butt, and brisket. With perfectly seasoned cuts and optimal temperatures, you’ll learn to handle an offset smoker like a true pitmaster.

Lesson Plan

  1. Introduction
  2. Fire and Smoke
  3. Smoke: Pork Butt
  4. Smoke: Pork Ribs
  5. Wood
  6. Grill: Steak and Broccolini
  7. Beef Quality and Selection
  8. Prep: Brisket Trim
  9. Smoke: Brisket Part I
  10. Smoke: Brisket Part II
  11. Smoke: Brisket Part III
  12. Finish: Brisket Slice
  13. Prepare: Sauce
  14. Offset Smokers
  15. Aaron’s Journey to Pitmaster
  16. Bonus Chapter: How Brisket Became King: The History of Central Texas Barbecue

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