MasterClass – Diane von Furstenberg Teaches Building a Fashion Brand

In her 20s, Diane convinced a textile factory owner in Italy to let her produce her first designs. With those samples, she flew to New York City to build one of the world’s most iconic and enduring fashion brands. In her first online class, Diane teaches you how to build a brand. You’ll learn how to create a visual identity, build loyalty, stay true to your vision, and launch your product.

Lesson Plan

  1. Introduction
  2. Discovering the Industry
  3. Developing Your Product – Part 1
  4. Developing Your Product – Part 2
  5. Product and Market Research
  6. Building Your Brand DNA
  7. Taking Your Brand Into The World
  8. Connecting With Your Consumer
  9. Using Social Media
  10. Brand Extensions
  11. Student Session: Catherine
  12. Student Session: Danny
  13. Diane’s Journey – Part 1
  14. Diane’s Journey – Part 2
  15. Mental Toughness
  16. Diane’s Third Act
  17. Bonus Chapter: Philanthropy and Giving Back

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