MasterClass – Ron Finley Teaches Gardening

Ron Finley, the community activist and self-proclaimed “Gangster Gardener” from South Central L.A., shares his self-taught techniques for finding your inner green thumb and experiencing the power of growing your own food in his new MasterClass on gardening. Learn how to turn everyday items into planters, keep houseplants alive and thriving, and grow a healthy, sustainable bounty no matter where you live.

Ron Finley sparked a movement with one simple but determined decision: He turned a dried-up strip of land on a curbside in L.A. into a vegetable garden. He didn’t realize then that it would lead to a warrant for his arrest, but he fought back, helped get laws changed, and inspired others to see the transformational value of gardening and its power to change communities. Now the artist, designer, and avid gardener is teaching you how to change the world, one green space at a time, starting with your own home. Learn how to plant, grow, and maintain a thriving garden no matter where you live.

In this online class, you’ll learn about:

  1. Creating a garden in any home
  2. How to grow your own food
  3. Ideas for building community through gardening
  4. When to plant
  5. Growing herbs, greens, legumes, and sweet potatoes
  6. Creating planters with common household items
  7. Composting and improving soil
  8. Keeping houseplants alive and thriving
  9. Propagating your own plants
  10. Gardening as activism and a source of creativity

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