Napoleon Hill – The Secret Law of Attraction as Explained

The Secret Law of Attraction is the key to releasing a powerful force within you that can transform your wishes into reality. Often expressed by the phrase “like attracts like,” this law makes it so that whatever you focus on in your mind will act like a fmagnet, attracting to you the physical embodiment of your desire. Positive thoughts held in your mind will attract positive results in your reality.

From ancient times, the Law of Attraction was the closely guarded secret of a select few who passed it on from generation to generation. Andrew Carnegie, who used the secret to create a vast fortune and become the most celebrated philanthropist of his time, gave the secret to Napoleon Hill in exchange for his promise to turn it into a written philosophy of success that could be used by the ordinary person.

Hill wove the Carnegie secret into every chapter of Think and Grow Rich and Law of Success. Now, in The Secret Law of Attraction as explained by Napoleon Hill, those two famous motivational classics have been carefully analyzed to identity the passages that contain the secret and, for the first time ever, these key sections have been excerpted and brought together in this audiobook.

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