These 15 Hacks will finally “fix” boring, dull, and “sex less” conversation that never create attraction or desire in a girl. Let’s look at this, it’s just the tip of the iceberg:
When you get this training you’ll discover:
Avoid “brain farts” where you can’t think of anything to say…
Easily move a conversation to a more “intimate” level, instead of getting stuck in “interview mode” all night.
Brings out her “fun” side so her “guard is down” and its easier to get her attracted to you
Pumps your conversation full of “personality” so that she remembers talking to you long after you’ve left her side. (…and she can’t wait to see you again)
Gets her opening up, putting effort into he conversation, and working to impress you…
Lets you move things forward without weirding her out… (and without seeming too eager or try hard)
Makes you appear “socially savvy” (Even if you’re shitting bricks inside)
Guides you through a conversation with a “tool box” of fun and playful things to talk about
Arms you with my tested, proven techniques for sparking that elusive “vibe” with a girl
Here’s the Deal…
You’ll discover the exact tactics I use to turn ordinary conversations with girls into fun, exciting sexual encounters.
Each module is structured like this: I explain to you what you need to do. I tell you why it works. And then I give you step-by-step examples you can use tonight.
I’ve made this cookie cutter simple to implement… and left out all the fluff.
This is truly thought shifting. The choice is yours, so big or go home. Just know there is ALWAYS room at the top.
If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes
If you keep going out and having the same boring conversation, why should you expect your dates or encounters with girls to get any better?
You shouldn’t
This is your last chance to learn and use the same “HACKS” that I’ve personally using for the past 6 years to date and sleep with well over 100 girls.

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