Savannah Sanchez – TikTok Ads Course

TikTok Ads Course: Grow Your Brand With TikTok Advertising

Learn how to set up, optimize, and scale your TikTok ad campaigns, as well as how to produce amazing ads for TikTok.

Savannah Sanchez – TikTok Ads Course



  • What to expect in this course.
  • How the iOS14.5 change in April 2021 had an effect on paid social advertising & why advertising on TikTok is the best platform for advertisers in 2022.
  • Which industries/products perform the best on TikTok ads.

Determining Budgets & Seasoning The Pixel

  • The most important step to seeing great results with your TikTok ads.
  • Explaining the funnel and where to start to get the best-seasoned pixel.
  • Introduction to the “Rule of 50.”
  • See how much budget you need to optimize lower-level funnel events.
  • How much budget do you need to get out of the learning phase.
  • How long it will take you to optimize for each event in the funnel.
  • My proven formula to determine the best TikTok daily budget based on your metrics
  • Sharing tricks and tips to help with your ad conversion rate.
  • Cost per add to cart/initiate checkout/purchase estimator
  • Weekly metrics calculator.
  • Take a look at the pixel events firing in some of my TikTok ad accounts.
  • I show you how to get into your analytics for Ads Manager.
  • Learn how to tell if your events are firing properly.

Account Structure & Building In Ads Manager

  • My simple but very effective TikTok ads set-up.
  • See how I use my Google Sheet calculator to structure my campaigns and how that structure evolves over time.
  • Launching your campaigns, ad sets, and ads.
  • Setting up the TikTok Pixel
  • Tips and tricks on how to best set up your ad sets.
  • How many ad sets and ads to have live at one time.
  • How to utilize interest stacks + targeting expansion.
  • Introduction to lookalike audiences.
  • Learn a secret tool I use when switching from add to cart to initiate checkout.
  • How long to run your ad sets.
  • Should you have all of your spark ads in one place?
  • Should you delete ads that have already run?
  • How many ads can you have per ad set?
  • Are retargeting ads on TikTok effective?
  • Can you run TikTok ad campaigns for organic follower growth?
  • How I would set up a brand new eCommerce account on TikTok
  • Recommendations for: audiences to start with, number or creatives, conversion best practices.
  • Should you do campaign budget optimization?
  • How to name your ad groups.
  • For placements should you choose TikTok, Buzzfeed, Pangle, or all three?
  • Is keeping user comments enabled helpful?
  • Should you allow users to be able to download your ads?
  • What is automated creative optimization?
  • Which audiences to target?
  • Should you add in recommended interests from Tik Tok?
  • How often to check your ad sets?
  • Should you add in behavioral targeting?
  • What picture and handle to use for your custom identity.
  • Single ads vs. collection ads.
  • What to put as your ad captions.
  • Is broad or narrow targeting the best route to go?
  • Should you target users under 25?
  • Male or female targeting or both?
  • How to create the best lookalike audiences and what that means.
  • See how simple it is to create your first lookalike and custom audiences.
  • A complete walk through to help set up your TikTok Pixel.

Optimizing & Scaling

  • How to interpret the data in your TikTok ads manager.
  • What metrics do I care about? Cost per click? CPA? Click-Through Rate?
  • Order of importance of metrics on how to know if your ad is performing well.
  • What your TikTok ROAS means.
  • What metrics should I expect?
  • Deep dive into metrics and which are the best to evaluate how I am reaching my target audience.
  • What is a good CPM?
  • What is the source of truth for TikTok ad performance?
  • Should I use Google Analytics to measure TikTok ad performance?
  • Which bidding strategy is the most effective?
  • Learn the number one reason why TikTok stops spending your budget.
  • Will limitations on the audience selection/bidding help or hinder reaching your daily ad budget?
  • Should you go back to add-to-cart optimization?
  • How much money does your ad need to spend before you kill it?
  • Should you kill an entire ad set?
  • Tips and tricks like make your existing ads perform even better
  • How to use your old creatives as a basis for new winning ads.

Attribution & Reporting

  • What 3rd party tools do I use to measure TikTok ad performance
  • How TikTok measures attribution in their dashboard
  • Changes on the horizon to TikTok’s attribution
  • Post-purchase survey attribution with Enquire
  • Server-side tracking attribution
  • How to attribute TikTok sales in TripleWhale
  • How to do TikTok reporting in TripleWhale
  • How to create reports in TikTok Ads Manager

TikTok Ad Creatives

  • All of my tips and tricks for shooting great TikTok ads
  • Ad creative do’s and don’ts
  • High-performing TikTok ad formulas
  • Hooks you can test for your TikTok ads
  • What tools and software do I use to edit
  • How to film TikTok ad UGC
  • Launching new creatives in your ad account
  • How to do creative testing in TikTok ads manager
  • How to select music for your ads and libraries I rely on
  • How to get inspired for your TikTok ad creative
  • What to put as your ad caption
  • Should you film on your iPhone or in a studio?
  • Should you use your Instagram ads for Tik Tok?
  • Should you film in 4k or 1080?
  • How to get great lighting for your TikTok ads
  • How to align your environment per product and make it distraction-free.
  • What should your frame be? Do you need a tripod?
  • How to use your best emotion/voice to convey the product without sounding like an ad.
  • Best ways to use fun, eye-catching transitions to keep them engaged.
  • Ad intros that work for virtually ANY product.
  • Ad lengths & sizes.
  • Best practices for voiceover.
  • Recommended filming tools.
  • Apps I love for editing TikTok ads
  • How to do transitions in CapCut.
  • Is sound design and captions important for ads?
  • Top 3 fonts to use.
  • 3 things your TikToks should always have
  • How to use the most popular ad creatives on TikTok for organic TikTok growth
  • A fun and creative solution to tell your storyline if you are tired of using TikTok text.
  • Find out if you should put new creatives into your new or existing ad set.
  • When and how often to do creative ad testing.
  • How to select the best music for TikTok ads and my favorite commercial-free music libraries
  • Learn how to become a student of TikTok to stay inspired by top brand ads.
  • Why the first 3 seconds are so important in your ad creatives
  • How best to use effects like greenscreen to make your videos not look like ads.
  • How you can be the best model in your ads.
  • Should you be looking at a creator marketplace or should you find creators on your own?
  • Similarities between whitelisting and spark ads.

Ad Creative Tutorials

  • How I edit TikTok ad creatives using the CapCut app
  • How I edit TikTok ad creatives using Instagram Reels
  • Tips for the models that are staring in the ads
  • How to shoot and frame TikTok ads
  • Selecting the right environment for filming TikTok ads

Working With TikTok Creators

  • My process for selecting TikTok ad creators
  • Ranges for what TikTok ad creators charge
  • How I search for new creators and what I look for
  • 3rd party platforms I use to source creators
  • Introduction to #paid and the TikTok Creator Marketplace
  • Guide & Brief for working with TikTok creators

Spark Ads

  • Introduction to TikTok Spark Ads
  • How I use Spark Ads in my ad accounts
  • What the benefits are of spark ads
  • Running spark ads from the creator account vs the brand account
  • Instructions for generating the authorization for spark ads
  • How to launch spark ads in your ad account

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