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The foundation of a strong body is a strong core. That’s why our coaches put together 7 of our toughest core workouts. Each video is 7 minutes long so you can maximize your workout in a short amount of time. We recommend you use these workouts to supplement your SEALFIT Online Training, Crossfit, or your Endurance training.

This Program Includes:

  • 7 core workouts taught by our SEALFIT coaches.
  • Movements are easy to scale as you improve.

Session #1: The Ultimate Core Workout
Coach Divine guides you through this enduring complex that incorporates upper, mid, and lower body movement to target your abdominals in 3 critical ways.

Session #2: Man Crusher
From it’s use of both barbell and bodyweight movements, this AMRAP set uses 3 powerful core movements to test your relative and controlling strength. Consistently using this at the end of your workout will quickly get you over the edge in your training.

Session #3: Perfect Ab Finisher
Testing your core in awkward patterns allows you to take your stability strength to the max. Coach Danielle takes two leg-style ab movements that train your core like you’ve never done so before. This workout uses the 40 seconds on/20 seconds off model to get you the most bang for your buck in just 7 minutes.

Session #4: Tabata Ab Crusher
Designed to work for athletes of any experience level. With the modifications involved, you can do this workout as a warm-up or finisher and make tweaks to really feel the burn. This core workout is all about maximizing what you’re currently doing and pushing it just a little over your comfort zone so you get results.

Session #5: The Courage Wolf Plank
Your ability to feed the courage wolf will be tested in an intense way. This challenge workout is all about your will and discovering how far you will want to go amidst struggle. You’ll find out what you’re made of in a completely new way.

Session #6: 7 Minutes of Heck
This workout takes even our SEALFit coaches to their limits. You may have all of the strength in the world but this workout will tell you how strong you really are; but we wont tell you how challenging this workout is. We’ll let you find out for yourself.

Session #7: Posterior Power Circuit
75-80% of your total power comes from how much you can control your posterior chain. As the most important collection of muscles in your body, you’re getting a circuit that will build your endurance in 3 key movements. The strength built here will translate to all of your workouts.

Bonus: “Still Waters Run Deep” Guided Visualization
One of the most powerful guided visualizations used at SEALFIT. Mark will walk you step by step through this energizing and inspiring process. You’ll an instant and noticeable difference in your focus, clarity and concentration.

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