Wilco de Kreij – The Perfect Ad Formula + Black Friday Playbook

The “Perfect Ad Formula” is my masterclass on creating high converting Facebook ads people can’t resist.

If you’ve seen other courses about Facebook Ads, please DON’T be mistaken…

  • The “Perfect Ad Formula” is NOT another long-winded course that’s all theory!
  • It’s NOT a screencast of how to use the Ads Manager which will get outdated shortly
  • It’s NOT a bunch of untested templates that some online gurus wish were working (Ask me, I’ve tried most of that stuff! They just didn’t give me any positive results).

It’s a PROVEN set of strategies, ad templates, and checklists…

Insights that I discovered “in the trenches” as a direct result of spending my own money, time, and resources to grow my own businesses using Facebook Ads.

It’s a fast-paced & step-by-step program for business owners, media buyers, marketers or copywriters that almost guarantees you’ve got a winning Facebook ad campaign in place — no matter your previous experience.

Do you want to get more clients & sales using online ads?

Do you want to be able create ads almost in an instant, one that…

👍 Facebook likes and approves

❤ People in your market loves

📅 Runs profitably for months (or even a year)

💰 Converts like a champ

👆 If that’s what you want…

Then you most definitely need this “Perfect Ad Formula” masterclass!

My guess is that you might have tried Facebook Ads before (if not, you really should! It’s been the #1 traffic source for my businesses in the past 5 years…)

And if my previous experiences are any indication, you were left frustrated not knowing why your campaigns aren’t working as good as you’d expect them to be…

I know I was.

I’ve NOT taken the full potential of my Facebook ads for years.

Until I started to see patterns about what works and what doesn’t work…

Especially when it comes to how to come up with ad ideas, how to create hooks and angles that have a high-potential to work, how to write these ads in a compliant way…

I was frustrated for years…

But no one showed me what I’m revealing in my “Perfect Ad Formula” masterclass.


  • A step-by-step plan so you’ll know exactly what you should be doing and in which order. (And, don’t worry, these strategies won’t stop working 6 months from now, I start with fundamentals that’ll serve you even years from now…)
  • 19 in-depth videos that are guiding you through the implementation process, including my checklists for different types of ads and examples from my own business (as well as other businesses in different markets and niches) that have generated amazing results.
  • An interactive mindmap giving you a summary of the entire process at a glance (or in detail, if you navigate through it) — perfect for a quick review right before you create a new ad or campaign.

Again, this ISN’T merely a course or something you’ll be putting on the shelf to collect dust.

It’s much more than that.

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