Wim Hof – Power of the Mind


Most people are not aware of the incredible power of their minds. Even the simplest of thoughts can have great effects as this can influence our emotions and our behaviors. Understanding what the mind is capable of can help you use its power to take control over your body, and to ultimately improve your quality of life in many different ways. Below are two simple behaviors that can help you understand how your mind works, which in turn can help you unlock its potential.

Awareness. Tapping into the power of your mind begins with being aware of your thoughts. Pay attention to every thought that enters and leaves your mind, and observe how your thoughts influence your feelings. Becoming aware of your thinking process is key to changing your decision making and behavior.

Focus. Focusing your mind can help you direct not only your thoughts but also your actions towards certain outcomes. The key is to let go of toxic thoughts that distract you, and to focus on the thoughts that will bring you success and happiness. You will quickly experience that this behavior helps you attract positive things into your life, and simultaneously helps you avoid negative things.


Wim Hof has demonstrated that he is capable of achieving extraordinary things by controlling his mind, and by extension his body. In one experiment, Wim’s body was exposed to ice water, while he demonstrated how he was able to control the temperature of his body with the help of breathing exercises and the power of his mind. During the experiment, Wim’s brain activity showed that his prefrontal cortex —a part of the conscious brain that is usually activated by stress— remained inactive. Conversely, deeper, subconscious regions of his brain —which are related to the so-called fight-or-flight response— were activated. As a result, Wim’s body was able to resist the cold stimulus and stay warm.

Wim is convinced that anyone can take control over his or her body by using the same principles he used during his numerous stunts and experiments. To that end, Wim and his dedicated staff have developed an easy to follow method that consists of breathing exercises, training of focus, and controlled exposure to cold. When combined in the right way, these simple principles can have powerful, life-changing effects.

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