The Alpha Male Series: Volumes 1-4 is a video program in which Arash leads you through the process of transforming yourself from a chump into an Alpha Male.

Arash will show you ways of creating attraction through the use words and language patterns, building confidence, showing her that you are a man, and creating a powerful lifestyle. You’ll also learn secret methods for getting her to give you the compliance that you want.
Imagine what you can do with Four DVD’s packed with some of best techniques in game and techniques that are not being used by a lot of other pickup artist. As a bonus Arash is including a break down of one of the Secret Diaries DVD’s where you will see blow by blow the process of his game before your eyes.
This program is ideal for all levels of game. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced student, anyone can excel with this program.
The Alpha Male Series – Vol. 1-4 is a compilation of basic and advanced attraction technique. In the DVD series, Arash Dibazar gives you the complete process of developing an attractive personality so that you can start seeing immediate results.
Attraction is about more than just about money and looks. It’s a form of communication. Attraction is a secret language that only a few guys know how to speak, but if you can master it, you can get any woman that you want.

“I’ll teach you, step by step, how to develop a personality and create a lifestyle that is irresistible to women.”
I live the life of a rock star. I roll with an entourage of 12-14 of the hottest women in the bay area. They will do anything I say. They will drop their boyfriends, quit their jobs, and give me total compliance. At any given night you can find 6-8 girls with me at my place. Some you’ve seen on videos, in magazines and in Playboy. I have intense power with these girls. I’m a mind bender. Their mind and emotions is where I make my home. I’m living my fantasy.

Disc 1: Approaching and OpeningYou will learn:
– Why it is possible for you have any woman that you want with the right skills – attraction is not a choice.
– Why direct game is not game.
– Why direct game sucks.
– The biggest mistake that guys make when gaming the girl.
– Understanding the world and mind of 10.
– How to game a 10.
– How to conquer Approach Anxiety.
– How to open her.
– Openers, how to hold your body, angle of approach, calibating your energy level.
– The importance and examples of the false time constraint.
– How to make your openers more powerful.
– The power and necessity of negs.
– A powerful qualification technique to get her chasing you..
– How to get good really fast.

Disc 2: Generating AttractionYou will learn:
– The 5 attraction switches that will make any woman attracted to you.
– How to flip their switches with demonstrations of higher value (DHVs).
– How to create Higher Value stories.
– How to tell Higher Value stories.
– How to transition from opening to Higher Value story telling.
– How to calibrate your Higher Value stories to avoid being seen as bragging.
– How to make your Higher Value stories more powerful.
– How to have a powerful inner game and why it is so important.
– The pitfalls of putting a woman on a pedestal.
– How to create attraction with negs.
– Why you need to qualify.
– The forms of qualification.

Disc 3: QualificationYou will learn:
– How to get the girl even if you’re not her type.
– The primary and secondary emotions you should be seeking to generate in her.
– How to use cold reading to create a high level of fascination and interest.
– How to turn curiosity into attraction.
– How to tell how attracted she is to you.
– How to find out if she is good enough or if she is what you are looking for.
– How to transition from attraction to comfort.
– The frame you must adopt before you move into comfort with her.
– Qualifying techniques to strengthen her investment in you.
– How to avoid one-itus.
– How to control the category that she puts you in.
– How to avoid being put in the “friend zone” by her.
– How to handle flakes and significantly reduce their occurrence.
– How to use “future pacing” to reduce flaking.
– An introduction to hypnosis, language patterns and Inception.

Disc 4: InceptionYou will learn:
– How to get in state for gaming regardless of circumstances by playing a character.
– The question about yourself that you have to have the answer to if you want to get the girl.
– How to adopt a powerful frame that will make her want you.
– How to give the girl a great experience that leaves her wanting more.
– How to get inside of her mind.
– How to command her to feel whatever emotion you want her to feel and to anchor those feelings to you.
– How to use language patterns to subconsciously send her commands.
– How to get past the guards at the door of her mind.
– The state you need to put her in first before transitioning to other states.
– How to use language patterns to make her feel comfortable.
– How to use language patterns to get her turned on.
– How to use language patterns to get her addicted to you.
– How to implant anchors so that you can trigger those feelings in her again later.
– How to put her in a trance.
– How to control her imagination by capturing and leading it.
– The only way she can break your control.
– The 5 ways to control her imagination.
– How to control her awareness.
– How to use hypnosis to get extra-ordinary compliance from women.
– The importance of hypnotic rhythm in your speech.
– How to use fractionation to take her on the emotional roller coaster ride that she craves.
– The ethics of hypnosis.
– How to and how not to use kino to sexually escalate with her.
– The kind of kino that will work and the kind that will creep her out.
– Using fractionation to sexually escalate with kino.

Bonus Dvd
As a bonus I am including a fifth DVD containing private footage of me breaking down my gaming of Playboy model Jenny Rae. You will see blow-by-blow the process of my game before your eyes. This bonus disc features many of the techniques that you learned in the previous dvds in action.
In this video, you will learn:
– How to identify indicators of interest.
– How to read her body language.
– How you should use your body language to send the right signals to her.
– How to avoid sending the wrong signals to her with your body language.
– The importance of being unreactive to sexual innuendo.
– How to get her chasing you.
– How to identify when she is seeking rapport from you.
– The frame you need to keep when gaming a hot girl.
– How to identify her tests and respond appropriately to them.
– How to use language patterns on the girl.
– How to anchor her positive feelings to yourself and negative feelings elsewhere with language patterns.
– How to pace and lead her reality.
– How to use fractionating to increase the intensity of the interaction.
– How to use sensory acuity to calibrate your threads to maintain and deepen your connection with her.
– How to use gestures to anchor sexual feelings to yourself.
– How to re-frame her if you are not her type.
– The kind of humor that works best with women.
– How to convey pre-selection and deliver negs.
– The importance of a relaxed manner, being playful and in control of yourself and the interaction.
– How to playfully misinterpret her signals in a way that builds sexual tension.
– The kind of fun playful vibe that you should be going for in your interactions with women.

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