The Players Guide : Be a High Value Strategic Player who F**** the TOP 1% Women

A step-by-step PROGRAM that is designed to Acquire Power, Develop Strategy, Hit Abundance, and Be A High-Value Strategic Player who FUCKS the top 1%.

You start developing strategy learning skills to attract quality girls without relying on hope + luck to get laid.

Why ?? Most Advice around DATING suckss

The only reason they are designed to make money, not to help.

There is a lot of advice around DATING
Some of them are good.

But there is also lots of Bull Shit crap. focus on what to say, how to ask, how to give, etc.

And those are important (and they’re included in The Players Guide, too) because The Player is incomplete without them.

But what they left is the top 1% truths which include social dynamics, Frame control, Attraction of being, how to change the interaction…. and many more see course content.

And that’s what’s truly missing, those are the foundation STRATEGIES, when you know the reason behind her action, you understand her to a deeper level,

Why The Players Guide is different???

Other products want to sell you this idea:

It’s all about skills and the work you put in.

They are selling you truths that validate their ideas, not everything.

This will only make you “average”

But why should go the “average” way?

This is the TRUTH, It will make you the player.

The Players Guide : Be a High Value Strategic Player who F**** the TOP 1% Women

What If I Tell you what she really wanted?

Do you think it will be easier to get better at dating when you know:

  • How to handle shit tests to become the powerful High-Value Strategist she craves.
  • Women’s dual sexual strategy.
  • What really turns women on when they meet a man
  • How to maximize your charisma so girls will fuck you just to be close to it.

This is what The Players Guide does:

  • TRUTH you need to thrive (Filter the noise)
  • Focus only on what works
  • Framework/ action plan (all you gotta do is start applying it).

Here is TRIED, TESTED, and REFINED system that contains all my PRICELESS knowledge.

So, come into my world and learn how a True Strategic Player steals everyone’s POWER, who is fucking YOUNGER, HOTTER, TIGHTER girls.

Getting inside the mind of Player and make it yours.

  • you will learn how to think like a Strategic Player
  • you understand the journey of a Strategic Player (GOAL).
  • you will learn how to took PLAYERS strategies and make them yours.

Knowing the Player

You will learn…

  • A precise SYSTEM of every single step from first seeing the girl to getting her naked in your bed. Every single thing is explained. You’ll always know the next step to take.
  • How to approach any woman you like. No matter where you are, no matter how hot she is.
  • How to make an impression so strong, so exciting that she can’t get you out of her mind. She’ll tell her friends “you won’t BELIEVE what happened to me today!”
  • How to instantly create charming conversation both when you meet or on TEXT. With my system, you’ll ALWAYS think of something to say.
  • You’ll never be in the friend zone again.


Being the Player

  • Strategies of SEDUCTION (What women want)
  • Uncover female psychology so you know what she’s thinking now, what she needs to move forwards, and what she’ll do next. Girls are simple – once you know what makes them tick.
  • How to unlock natural charisma so girls like you for who you are.
  • Strategies to become High-Value Strategic Male.

Social Media GAME: From Profile setting to Text to DAy 2 to Venue selection to #Close

  • You will learn the essence of TEXT, what type of text create what emotion.
  • You will learn how to take her from text to DAY 2
  • You will learn how to build sexual tension and her horny while not looking like a creep.
  • I will explain every type of interaction you could possibly have.


  • You will learn The Inner Game Of Texting
  • You will Create Text-Game Abundance
  • You will learn how and what to say exactly at the same time
  • Exclusive Text Example Telegram Group
  • You will learn what to do if she ignores my text(s)?
  • You will learn What to do if she is exchanging texts, but somehow never lets it get to a day two?
  • Should you text to re-confirm she is coming?
  • How to change to another day, how should you work it?
  • What to do when it comes close to day two and she has not yet confirmed 100%?

SEX God Strategy

You will learn how to give her orgasm soooo intense and make her addicted to you and only you.


  • First Approach: how to execute high power
  • First Approach Strategies: As Power As You Need to Be
  • First Date Power Dynamics
  • Who Pays for The First Date?
  • Dominance for Men
  • Asshole Attitude Strategy: Advantages & Limitations
  • Dating Roles: Lovers, Providers, Friends… & Mixes
  • Dating Strategies & Power Dynamics For Lovers, Providers, & Friends

The Players Guide : Be a High Value Strategic Player who F**** the TOP 1% Women

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