Barbara Marx Hurbard – Evolutionary Woman

What You’ll Learn in these 12 Weeks

Course sessions are on Tuesdays at 5:00pm Pacific.

In this 12-week transformational intensive, Barbara will guide you through the fundamental spiritual, social and relational skills and competencies that you need to actualize your potential as Feminine and Masculine Co-creators. She will show you how we can join our collective genius to birth a new era of conscious evolution.

Each contemplation and presentation will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the principles you’ll need to sustain your co-creative skills in “real life.”

Every class will feature breakthrough Co-creators sharing intimately about their own path, challenges and victories, taking us through major themes of the co-creative world through dialogue with participants.

This course manifests vital elements of a Whole System Shift. Co-creative coaching and mentoring will also be offered, with an invitation to continue the work outside the course:
Carolyn Anderson will offer experiences in “Incarnating your Universal Self,” which will elicit the highest frequencies of your being through the “52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution.”

Katharine Roske and Carolyn Anderson, co-authors of The Co-Creator’s Handbook and co-founders of Hummingbird Community, will offer practical guidance for stabilizing as a Co-creator and forming your own co-creative core group. They will support you in deepening your soul’s calling and doing your part to birth a co-creative culture.

Bonnie Kelly will facilitate small group practice sessions.

With our brilliant colleagues, bonus calls and deep meditations, mentoring and coaching, we will all take the next step in becoming Co-creators in our own lives.

  • Module 1: The New Era of Co-Creation
    (September 16) Special Guest Riane Eisler
  • Module 2: Exploring the Nature of the Feminine Co-Creator
    (September 23) Special Guest Joanne Brem
  • Module 3: Entering “Regenopause”
    (September 30)
  • Module 4: The Rise of Suprasex: The Shift from Maximum Procreation to Co-Creation
    (October 7) Special Guest Devaa Haley Mitchell
  • Module 5: Shifting from the Story of Separation to the Story of Interbeing
    (October 14) Special Guests Charles Eisenstein and Adam Hall
  • Module 6: Developing New Relationships Among Masculine and Feminine Co-Creators
    (October 21) Special Guests Glenn and Marian Head
  • Module 7: The Masculine Co-Creator
    (October 28) Special Guests Steven Starr and Don Hudson
  • Module 8: The Conscious Cultivation of Andropause
    (November 4) Special Guest John Perkins
  • Module 9: Building Families of Choice and Chosen Tribes: New Communities of Co-Creators
    (November 11) Special Guests Bill Kauth and Zoe Alowan
  • Module 10: Social Synergy’s Role in the Co-Creative Culture: Bringing the Wheel of Co-Creation Alive
    (November 18) Special Guests Juan Carlos Kaiten and Mona Rabie
  • Module 11: How the New Co-Creative Society Can Actually Work
    (December 2) Special Guests Stephen Dinan and Ted Chu
  • Module 12: “Camp Eve”: Live from the Uplift Festival (December 9)
    Special Guest Bharat Mitra, Founder of Organic India

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