Coaching Skills for Engagement & Inclusion

Coaching Skills for Engagement & InclusionDevelop effective coaching skills for increasing employee engagement and inclusion for all people in the workplace.


  • There are no prerequisites for this course.


Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a good coach? Or why managers should coach their team members? Or how coaching might improve the employee experience through better engagement and deeper inclusion? Coaching is a research-backed strategy for developing your team, increasing employee engagement and inclusion, and achieving goals – and mastering coaching skills is possible!

Studies show that engaged employees are more likely to stay and grow at their organizations; studies also show that diverse teams perform better than homogeneous teams. But, more importantly than retention and performance, engagement and inclusion are crucial aspects of an employee’s experience and wellbeing that require thoughtful, skilled attention and action from managers.

In this course we will focus on core coaching skills that will help you build this impactful attention and action. We will cover:

  • what coaching is and why it benefits individuals and organizations
  • tactical skills like coaching roles, questioning, the GROW framework, and active listening
  • inclusive coaching skills that increase access in the workplace for historically underrepresented and marginalized groups
  • varied approaches to coaching employees at different levels of engagement

In this course, I’m not just your instructor – I’m your coach! I will ask you questions to get you thinking about your coaching skills, and I have included activities for you to practice on an ongoing basis. You’ll explore why you want or need to coach, gather feedback on your coaching skill set, create a reusable plan for coaching, and take action for sustainable growth and goal attainment.

In my experience as a Board Certified Coach and Learning & Development professional, I have been fortunate to teach others about applying coaching skills and fostering inclusion by understanding unconscious bias, allyship, and belonging. I have seen firsthand the impact you can make as a manager or leader when you see the connection between coaching, engagement, and inclusion. You can make a difference by honing your coaching skills!

Join me in this course to uplevel your coaching skills, and increase employee engagement and inclusion in the workplace for all people on your team!

Who this course is for:

  • Managers and leaders who want to build their coaching skills to motivate and challenge their team members
  • People who want to help others increase their engagement at work through coaching
  • People who want to implement more inclusive coaching practices in the workplace

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