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The first step in learning how to breathe properly which is called conscious breathing.

This is where you sit and perform deep, diaphragmatic breaths for a set period of time.

Thing is, the effectiveness of this technique is overestimated, because as you go about your day to day life, you’ll revert back to your faulty, autopilot, breathing patterns.

That’s why things like Wim Hof, diaphragmatic breathing, and other techniques come up short.

But… This is where biofeedback comes in.

Setting up a biofeedback mechanism provides you with constant feedback of how you’re breathing, whether you’re at the grocery store, driving to work, or at the gym.


Scientists have noted time and time again that faulty breathing patterns can create tension in connective tissue. And this tension restricts airflow.

One example of this can be seen in people with inverted breathing patterns.

People with inverted breathing patterns actually tighten their abdomens as they breathe in. This creates a vicious cycle of shallow breathing, as not only do they not expand their diaphragm as they breathe, but they actually make the muscles of the diaphragm tighter with every breath they take.

On the other hand…

Breathing specialists have also noticed that postural dysfunctions, like upper crossed syndrome and kyphotic posture, can promote faulty breathing by crushing the lungs, displacing the trachea, and more.

With the corrective exercises my friend showed me, I was able to release the tension in my muscles of respiration to open up my airway and breathe like a newborn baby.


Through the use of ancient practices like Tai Chi, my friend helped me integrate my corrected breathing patterns into my movement.

As you already know, I’m a guy who digs walks.

And with mindful Tai Chi practices, specifically the Drunken Monkey and the Stork Walk, I was able to breathe correctly while enjoying my active lifestyle.

This integration really helps when you’re walking, rushing around the office, or playing with your kids.


Health experts all over the world have noted that whether you’re a mouth breather, have shallow breath, or display any other faulty breathing mechanics, you’re triggering your nervous system’s fight or flight response.

This creates anxiety.

And keeps a steady flow of cortisol pulsing through your body.

If you don’t know, cortisol is a stress hormone that’s beneficial when released in a healthy dose… But, when it’s constantly present in the body (as it is in those with faulty breathing patterns), it slashes your sex drive, makes you as irritable as a teenage girl, can instill depression and anxiety, and a bunch more nasty effects.

This was the case with me during my mold incident, and it might be the case with you if you’re guilty of faulty breathing patterns.

To remove the dent this stress response placed on my body, I used different tools to perform deep tissue work.

This not only relieved the tension in my tissue created by a constant state of stress, but also released tension in the fascia which, scientists have noted, holds emotional trauma and memories.

By releasing the tension in the fascia, I was able to correct problems with my wife, and slay the anxiety and depression I was dealing with.


In the years since my recovery from the toxic black mold,

I’ve taken my buddy’s 3 step breathing method and added to it, creating a simplistic approach that reprograms the diaphragm to breathe properly,

Grants you uninterrupted sleep,

And most importantly, elevates your health, shields you from disease, and decelerates the aging process.

Inside of Breath is Life you’ll discover:

  • Ancient meditations for stress reduction
  • ​​How to increase focus and mental clarity
  • ​Follow along chi-gong movements for energy and vitality
  • ​Over 30 different meditations
  • ​How to ​improve your sleep
  • ​​Depression & anxiety relief
  • ​Powerful breathwork exercises to radically transform your life and elevate your consciousness

And a bunch more.

Yes, Breath is Life is my approach to better breathing patterns.

And it’s a combination of ancient yoga, qigong, tai chi, meditation, and more…

But I don’t really like those labels…

In fact, I always tell people…

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