The Fearless Man – Sex Signals

Brian has a sit down with three models that The FEARLESS Man works with and asks them how they use sex signals – subtle communication to show interest in a man.
Some of the things the models and Brtian talk about:

  • Practical reasons women use sex signals and subtle
  • Signs she’s NOT interested in you
  • Why women are sometimes harsh when you ignore signs she’s not interested
  • How women can tell from afar if they’re interested in you…and no, it’s not your looks
  • What the models look for in men
  • How women can pick up your confidence level instantly
  • How long of a chance they’ll give you to approach them after you make eye contact…and why

A lot of men get caught up on why women aren’t just more direct and why it has to be “so complicated.” The thing is, subtle, non-verbal communication is actually happening all the time, in all your human interactions. It may not be as pronounced in some interactions, but it’s there and it does affect your connections and relationships. It’s just part of how humans (and, actually, many other species as well) communicate and relate to each other.

In terms of women and sex signals, interacting with these sex signals, non-verbal communication, and all the subtleties is a crucial part of the “mating dance” for women.
You want women to show up for you looking their best, and you probably have personality traits you’re looking for too. Women put a lot of time, energy, and money into doing that.

“Looking your best” as a man for women is more about showing your confidence, connection skills, and social and emotional intelligence. That’s what the dance of sex signals, non-verbal communication, and playing with subtleties is about, along with just being fun and part of the romantic fantasy, whether it’s for a one night stand or a lifelong relationship. Women want men who will play and dance with them in this way.

Women tend to have been playing with this emotional and relational subtleties a lot longer than men, so it’s a skill you may have to work on and develop. But the good news is that unlike physical beauty in a woman, becoming adept with sex signals is something you have complete control over.

And this sex signals, subtle dance can become something you really enjoy too. Have fun with it! It’s a crucial part of creating chemistry, seduction, and romance.

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